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Perfect Patch of Green

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1 Jul 2013 - 5:00pm
Junior Landcare logoDoes your school need a green makeover?
Turf Australia and Junior Landcare have once again joined forces and are looking for schools and community groups in need of a green makeover. The Perfect Patch of Green program aims to enhance outdoor spaces for kids to enjoy by making over recreation areas with professionally-laid natural turf.
All schools and community groups that support or work with young people are invited to apply by describing how natural turf would enhance their environment and how their space would benefit from a real grass makeover.
Last year the recipients included a Scouts group that made over a space for camping and orienteering, a high school that was badly damaged by a cyclone, and a number of primary schools that wanted to improve their outdoor area for play and sports activities.
Expressions of Interest must be submitted by 1st July 2013

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