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Dung Beetles & biological weed control day - Ladysmith

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30 Jul 2013 - 9:00am

Dung beetlesAre you looking for a machine that:

  • Aerates the soil
  • Buries dung pads
  • Deepens the topsoil
  • Digs through compacted soil
  • Helps store soil carbon
  • Buries dung nutrients in the plant root zone
  • Reduces flies and parasite breeding colonies  

Look no further…………………….the answer is Dung Beetles

Presenter John Feehan is a recognised authority on Dung Beetles both in Australia and internationally.  He was a member of the CSIRO team tasked with introducing bovine Dung Beetles into Australia and now works privately  researching, collecting and releasing suitable Dung Beetle species into grazing regions across Australia and internationally.
St Johns wort
Presenter Barry Sampson has over thirty years of experience with the biological control of weeds.  His business, Weedbiocontrol, provides biological control agents for locally invasive weeds such as Paterson’s curse, Bridal Creeper, Horehound, St John’s wort, Blackberry, Thistles, Dock, Blue Heliotrope and aquatic weeds.

Tuesday 30 July                        Wednesday 31 July
9 – 3.30 pm                                9 – 3.30 pm
Ladysmith Hall                         Humula Sports Club
Cost - FREE                              Cost - FREE

The day will include presentations from both John and Barry and a field visit in the afternoon to release some biological control agents.  All welcome!

RSVP for catering purposes to Jacinta Christie 0431 953 778 or jchristie@murrumbidgeelandcare.asn.au

Clean Energy Future, NSW Environmental Trust

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