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Clean Up Australia Day at Sutton

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6 Mar 2016 - 9:00am
Clean Up Australia Day at Sutton
Sutton Village Hall (West St Sutton) is the registered Clean Up Australia site for Sutton: 
Date: Sunday 6 March 2016
Weather permitting, collecting time will be 9am–11am.
Do call in at the Hall beforehand to register as a collector and be allocated a suggested area for collecting.
Marchien van Oostende will organise activities on the day.
We can provide large bags, but feel free to use your own, and do bring your own
gloves and wear appropriate sun protection.
Bring all collected rubbish to the Hall.
Sutton Landcare Group will provide morning tea.
Collecting rubbish with others is a fun activity and an opportunity for catching up
with friends and neighbours. Last year it was really hot, but 17 adults still registered as collectors.
Clean Up Australia day next year might be different. The NSW Government recently
announced that it is actively considering the introduction of a cash-for-containers
scheme, similar to that running in SA and NT. Beverage containers are to cost 10
cents more, but can be returned to a “reverse vending” machine to get your 10 cents
back. This scheme would take a while to establish, but should result in less litter on our
roadside verges.
Alan McNeill, Site Supervisor

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