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Cross Property Planning Project - Updates

CPP Project Update - Autumn 2015


The Murrumbidgee Landcare Cross-property Planning Project involves 65 landholders across and Illabo/Bethungra and Junee, Kyeamba Valley and Tarcutta/Humula of which 35 are in the Illabo/Bethungra and Junee area.
The Project runs over a 6 year period and provides funding for landholders interested in natural resource management to either plant new native tree or shrub wildlife corridors/shelter belts or to enhance and protect the existing native vegetation on their properties.
The Project also supports landholders through education and training opportunities and social occasions such as our highly successful Christmas Gathering at the Illabo Pub last December.
Throughout the last six months the Project has focussed on invasive species management, both plant and animal, with landholders funded for noxious weed control around their remnant woodlands and through subsidised fox baits to reduce fox numbers in the area. A workshop on managing rabbits was also held in late March as part of this campaign.
Other on-ground works that have been undertaken by landholders in the project include:
  • Fencing out and planting along creek lines and eroded gullies,
  • Planting tree lines/shelter belts, erosion control,
  • Adding trees to existing tree lines,
  • Planting scattered paddock trees,
  • Fencing off and enhancing existing remnant vegetation patches,
  • Fencing and planting around dams,
  • Revegetating with understorey in existing remnant vegetation
For further information about this project please contact Jacinta Christie on 0431 953 778 or jchristie@mli.org.au.
Right: Planting tree lines on Ashley and Caroline Hermes property "Deakin" near Bethungra
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