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NSW Landcare Muster - Albury

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25 Oct 2017 (All day)
The NSW Landcare Muster is an opportunity for the diverse Landcare community to capture collective issues and consistent themes. The ‘many hands, one voice’ outcomes of the Muster guides the actions of Landcare NSW between Musters. 
Background to the Muster
The initial Muster was in Tamworth in 2007; and since then Musters have been held as part of the State Landcare Conference every two years. 
The Muster provides an important way for Landcare NSW to ensure its work is directed by the grassroots Landcare community it serves. Information captured from the Musters is utilised by the representative Council of Landcare NSW to develop policy, programs and support services. 
About the 2017 Muster
The 2017 Muster will be held on the morning of the 25th October, the first day of the Landcare and Local Land Services Conference to be held in Albury 25-27 October 2017. A summary session providing initial feedback from the Muster to the conference will be held on the morning of the 27th October.
Getting involved in the Muster
All Landcarer's are invited to get involved in the Muster! You can do this by:
  • Hosting or participating in a Mini-Muster, to document your group or region's key priorities and submit them to the Muster. Information available here
  • Attending the Muster itself. Attendance at the Muster is included as part of the registration for the 2017 Landcare and Local Land Services Conference. Please ensure you indicate if you are attending the Muster on the registration sheet. If you are not attending the conference you are still welcome to attend the Muster session on the morning of the 25th October. More information on the Conference is available here.
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