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Willows, weeds and waterways - Bumbalong

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28 Oct 2017 - 9:30am
Landholders are invited to come along to a field day to gain an understanding of best management practices in riparian zones. Keeping our waterways free of weeds, protecting and enhancing vegetation, and responsible use of herbicides around waterways, all help promote a landscape that is healthy, diverse and resilient.
At the field day you will find out:
  • How to identify different willow species including seeding willows
  • What methods can be used to effectively treat woody weeds along waterways
  • What chemicals can be used along waterways to assist weed control
  • What are best practices for chemical use and record keeping
  • How we can best restore our riparian zones - a revegetation case study
  • Leon Miners - Senior Natural Resource Management Advisor, South East LLS
  • Antia Brademann - UMDR Facilitator
  • Jo Powells - Senior Agricultural Advisor, South East LLS
  • Brett Jones - Snowy Monaro Regional Council
Please RSVP to:
Morning tea will be provided. Details of exact location in Bumbalong will be given upon RSVP.
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