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"Land and water for Superb Parrots and Pygmy Perch" bird walk and BBQ - Booroowa

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4 Nov 2017 - 8:00am
This field day, to launch the "Connecting Land and Water for Superb Parrots and Pygmy Perch" Environmental Trust project, will be hosted by Geoff and Sharman Darnell 'Murloona' Rye Park Road, Boorowa.
Nicki Taws (Greening Australia) will be available for bird identification walk from 8.00 am.
Kathryn McGuirk (BCLG) will welcome everyone, and give an overview of the Land and Water for Superb Parrots and Pygmy Perch project.
Lesley Peden will provide an overview of Land for Wildlife and K2W projects plus other projects.
Damon Oliver (NSW Environment and Heritage) will discuss Superb Parrot nesting, habitat and food requirements and the range of other native birds which visit the Boorowa region. Damon will then extend into a range of Threatened Species in our region which we should be aware of, discussing their food and habitat requirements. He will also provide an overview of the Landscape management tool box for Threatened Species.
Damon Oliver is encouraging local landholders and residential homeowners to start looking and recording their sightings of that beautiful green feathered friend the Superb Parrot as it is now arriving at our farms and towns in the Boorowa region. 
For more information and to RSVP: Email landcare@boorowa.net or call 0459 681 018.

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