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"Water for Small Farms" field day - Bungendore

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3 Mar 2018 - 10:00am
We think the most important resource on your farm is water. The efficient use of water can provide many benefits to rural landholders and dams, creeks and wetlands can provide important habitat for native plants and animals as well as looking beautiful. This field day will help to explain options and strategies for planning and protecting your water assets.
Topics include:
  • Where to find information about your harvestable rights, licencing and bores
  • Farm dams - how they are built, regulations, fixing leaky dams, managing dams for habitat values, stocking with fish and where to plant vegetation
  • Managing gullies
  • Planning river and creek crossings
  • Managing stock watering and stock around waterways
  • Water quality testing and drinking water for your farm

We will take a paddock walk to look at issues related to dam construction and vegetation management.

This cost of this field day is being subsidised by funding from the Australian Government so the cost to attendees is just $27.46 (including Eventbrite booking fee). Lunch and morning tea will be provided.
Our guest speakers are Chris Wooll, Acting Senior Operations Manager at the Soil Conservation Service and John Feint, Senior Policy Officer Catchment Management and Water Policy, ACT Government.
Chris Wooll has designed and constructed dams and managed waterways on farms for 20 years. He has worked for many years as a dozer operator and has extensive knowledge about the design of farm water resources including the estimation of catchments, legislation relating to farms dams and construction techniques. He works on projects to improve catchment water quality, stock water supply and habitat values and to prevent soil erosion.
John Feint currently manages the H2OK project that protects and enhances water quality in the ACT and Murrumbidgee catchment area. He will share ideas of practical ways in which small landholders design and manage water on their farms for the benefit of the landholder and wider community. John is currently managing pilot projects on rural properties that demonstrate tangible benefits for farmers.
Bookings can be made online here.
This event is not suitable for children and please leave your dogs at home.
Please let us know if you decide after booking that you cannot attend since there are often people who are on the waitlist and want to come along. Refunds are available up to one week before to the field day. You need to contact us to arrange a refund.


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