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Protected Cropping Trade Expo - Griffith

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20 Feb 2018 - 9:00am
Riverina Farmers are now world leaders in water management. The next frontier is controlling the impact of weather.
This Trade Expo and Seminar will showcase the opportunities for protected cropping in the Riverina. Come along and learn! Industry overview, market opportunities, growing systems, finance, education and emerging technologies.
The protected cropping industry in Australia is already worth $2 billion in production and is the fastest growing sector in Australian Agriculture. The Riverina has water security, land, plenty of sunshine and are central to Australia’s biggest consumer markets. Our access to domestic and international customers has improved dramatically.
But... We have risky weather patterns - frost, storms, hail, wind, untimely rainfall and hugely variable temperatures. The impact of these can be managed in a Protected Cropping Environment.
Who should attend?
Farmers, farmer groups, farm managers, investors, suppliers to industry, students and water license holders
VENUE: Griffith Exies Club Auditorium
COST: $25.00 head
RSVP: Tuesday 13th February 2018  to ICI Industries 02 6964 7299
For more information contact Jon Cobden on 02 7903 7120.


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