Threatened Species – Riverina school tour

Teaching local students about Local Threatened Species has been wonderful.   The kids had a blast and so did we. Travelling the Riverina with Douglas the Australasian Bittern, Louise the Malleefowl and Goldie the Plains-wanderer, they fought for the front seat but were generally well-behaved. Having Michael Lyons from Narrandera Sandhills Artifacts was fabulous. Hearing…

Connecting young people with nature: Benefits for biodiversity, mental health and social connection

Background  Time in nature can provide many benefits to young people and can positively influence their mental health. However it has been found that adolescents typically spend far less time in nature than either younger children or adults.  In parallel, emerging research has noted the conflicting impacts from the benefits of connecting with nature and…

Landcare-led Resilience Project

Are you interested in doing revegetation in 2023/2024? We are seeking expressions of interest to establish approximately 16 revegetation sites over the next two years. These sites will contribute to the demonstration of techniques that make revegetation more resilient to climate, and contribute to farm business resilience. For example, we will explore varying site preparation…

“Life On The Farm”

“Life On The Farm” My pictures depict life on the farm for me. The dam in the picture is a reminder of where we spent our childhood – 8 children swimming over the summer months- laughing and enjoying spending time with each other Created by: Jenny Roberts


“Depth” My painting was about finding beauty and life in cleared farming spaces, by seeing the beauty in shelterbelts, paddock trees and water bodies. Created by: Katie Caldwell