Britt is a Temora local, growing up on a mixed sheep and cropping farm in the Grogan area. Her work within natural resource management has centred around community engagement, education, biodiversity, endangered species and graphic design projects. Britt’s background studies are a Bachelor of Science majoring in ecology, earth science, water science, sustainability, land management, and sustainable landscapes.

Britt was previously the Bland and Temora Local Landcare Coordinator in 2018 and 2019 had has worked on the LachLandcare executive committee for many years. Britt is thrilled to be back in her old/new role as Bidgee Mid Local Landcare Coordinator, reconnecting with familiar faces and picking up new projects.

Britt loves the bush and semi-arid environment, and has spent a lot of time around Lake Cowal bird watching. Her favourite yearly events are community bird watching, wildflower walks and astronomy nights. Outside of work, Britt continues work on her family farm, as well as raising two small children.

Britt helps manage the MLI website, MLI Facebook page and her own Bidgee Mid Facebook page.


Britt is the Local Landcare Coordinator for the Bidgee Mid based in Temora.

Britt works part-time Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Mob:0427 559 635


Facebook: Bidgee Mid


Landcare Groups:

Temora Landcare and Sustainability Network