Scenic Bushland Walk & Talk

April 14, 2024

Join Junee Regenerative Landcare on a Scenic Bushland Walk & Talk.

Gavin Small will lead us through the picturesque landscapes of his property and talk about why he chose to protect it under an agreement program. If we are lucky, we will see lots of bird and plant life that is being protecting on the property.

After our walk, we will unpack our lunch and enjoy the stunning views as we take in the biodiversity around us and discuss why this property is so unique.

Don't forget: lunch, enclosed walking shoes, a chair or picnic blanket, water, sunscreen and a hat.

Consider bringing: binoculars, camera, sketchbook.

Be aware mobile reception is not great on the property.

1874 Gocup Road
1874 Gocup Road
South Gundagai, NSW 2722

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