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National Landcare Conference presentation

Silverleaf Nightshade weed management - improving adoption of current research

Presentation to the National Landcare Conference

17th - 19th September 2014, Melbourne


Adoption of research by rural communities requires a combination of extension techniques to give the best results. Several strategies are being used in the project to ensure that communities have the skills to manage this weed problem. The project team has asked each community to come up with strategies that they are comfortable with and develop specific activities, technologies and management practices for their own situation. This involves large scale demonstrations carried out by local farmers which compare current research with the standard farmer practices and a series of workshops and field days complimented by media articles. Access to information through websites, social media and industry journals has kept individuals and groups up to date. This is all planned to raise awareness of the problem and to get wider adoption of best practices to control this weed by working together.

Previous research has shown the extent of the problem, the species involved and how to give better control. This paper describes how the project team has utilised the Landcare network and farmer groups to build local knowledge and capacity and to foster the adoption of the research by farm communities.

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