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CPP Project 4 - Surveys

Land holder and Flora & Fauna Surveys

Land holder Surveys

In mid-2013, thirty-five land holders involved in the CPP Project were surveyed to gain a greater understanding of their expectations, goals, practices and knowledge in relation to the management of native vegetation on their properties.

The results from these surveys are being used to assist Murrumbidgee Landcare to deliver more effective extension strategies, better address the needs of local land holders, and work more effectively with land holders to protect and restore our native vegetation.

A copy of the results of the initial survey is available here.

In late 2015, a follow-up survey was conducted, to learn more about land holder's perceptions of native vegetation and biodiversity, how they value these, and what works they have undertaken in an effort to protect or enhance native vegetation on their properties.

A summary of the results from the follow-up survey is available here.


Flora and Fauna Surveys

In spring 2013, 30 flora and fauna surveys were conducted across 24 farms of land holder's involved in the CPP project. Dr Fiona Christie (University of Melbourne) was engaged to undertake formal bird surveys, while Alison Elvin (Natural Capital) was engaged to complete the flora surveys.

The aim of the surveys was multi-purpose:
  • To provide a snapshot of species diversity ‘on farm’ throughout the region;
  • To provide farmers involved in the project with information about the species found on their site, and the implications that may have for their ongoing management of that site;
  • To encourage farmers to continue to participate in conserving biodiversity on their farm, and across the broader landscape, whilst not impacting on the productivity of their farm;
  • To provide baseline flora and fauna information to the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) database, adding to the data available for scientific analysis; and
  • To help guide Murrumbidgee Landcare's future connectivity programs.

A copy of the full report is available here.

In addition, you can access a copy of the Conclusions and Recommendations from the report, and a list of the Species Recorded during the surveys.


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