“Through Your Eyes” is an artwork and well-being workshop run by Stephanie Corkhill Hyles in collaboration with  Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc for groups of agricultural women in the Budgee North region of the Riverina. Three workshops were held, two in Jugiong at Stephanie Corkhill Hyles art studio and one in Coolac at the Coolac Hall at a Catchment Keepers workshop.
Stephanie Corkhill Hyles has been creating since she was about 5 years old. Inspired by her beautiful mother who used to line their small hallway with brown paper so they could draw on the walls!! This paper was changed weekly and encouraged, so for her, artmaking was always around and very much encouraged. Steph is a mother to 4 beautiful healthy children and wife to a very supportive, loving husband. They live on a sheep and wool property near Jugiong NSW. Steph’s Artworks evoke emotion in the viewer, it ‘cracks’ a smile or creates a memory. She loves colour and is inspired by her surroundings. Through her workshops, she asks everyone to paint what the environment around them looks like to them and convey the emotion they have towards the landscape onto their canvas. 
Below you will see an exhibition of stunning artworks from all the women and men who participated in the workshops and you will be able to catch a glimpse into how they see the environment through their eyes.

Stephanie Cork Hillhyles

Steph's studio


Catchment Keepers Workshop in Coolac

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The beautiful outcomes


“Cherry Sweeper” 

“Cherry Sweeper” This piece is inspired by a beautiful 30-year-old Cherry Blossom in my Parent’s front yard. My family and I have a strong emotional connection to this tree, as it has always been the backdrop to our family photos over the years, as our family has grown. Year after year, the tree matured and…

“Rainbow Serpent” 

  “Rainbow Serpent” Morning walks can bring about some wonderful magic. What is a scary image – (The perfect imprint of a large snack), can also be so beautiful. This is the basis of my mixed media piece. The beautiful perfect curves of nature against the straight man-made lines. Slithery snake along the edge of…

“After Hay Making”

  “After Hay Making” This mixed media work is inspired by an empty paddock after haymaking – filled with the remnant textures and colours of the old and the new, found in late spring in Gundagai. Created By: Freda Marian Nicholls

“My Happy Place”

“My Happy Place” I love the landscapes of Van Gogh, the textures and swirls. I want to pay homage to this style and work in a lot of textures to celebrate all the different textures in the Australian Landscapes. Also, My favourite place in the garden is at the base of a tree trunk. They…

“Sunset of Possibilities”

“Sunset of Possibilities” Our farm is a canvas of incredible colours, carved by nature. Many views take my breath away in wonder.

“Tree In Teardrop”

“Tree In Teardrop” Created by: Sarah McCarthy

“Our Reef”

“Our Reef” We love our property, at the reef for the mountains, river, and sand and the wide-open spaces for our stock. Created by: Nicole Ward

“Life On The Farm”

“Life On The Farm” My pictures depict life on the farm for me. The dam in the picture is a reminder of where we spent our childhood – 8 children swimming over the summer months- laughing and enjoying spending time with each other Created by: Jenny Roberts

“Rise & Fall”

“Rise & Fall” Created by: Jane McCarthy


“Depth” My painting was about finding beauty and life in cleared farming spaces, by seeing the beauty in shelterbelts, paddock trees and water bodies. Created by: Katie Caldwell

“Doesn’t Matter Where”

“Doesn’t Matter Where” Created By: Silvia

“Two Comply Different Countries to Live a Beautiful Life”

“Two Comply Different Countries to Live a Beautiful Life”

Created by: Bill Pippen on the 20.6.20

Created by: Charlotte Nicholls on the 20/6/20

“My blood, my spine, my soul”

“My blood, my spine, my soul” This environment, the landscape that I belong to, although it doesn’t belong to me, inspires strength, resilience, awe and calm. The granite rocks which weather all conditions but remain unchanged and defiant in their structure; The beautiful Kurrajong trees* that survive through generations and provide uses when all else…

“Beauty of a Life”

Created by: Freda Marne Nicholls from 2016-2020


“Regrowth” Created By: Denise Stansfield

“High Point”

“High Point” Created by: Eleanor Lang on the 22/4/2022 at the Coolac Hall

“Where Blessing Meets Adversity”

“Where Blessing Meets Adversity” My farm represents the place where the most difficult and most celebrated things in my life intersect. It is in the merging together of these things that life takes on its fullness and that all the diversity in the expression of myself can happen. Created by: Julie Roberts on the 22/4/2022…


“Hmmm…” Created by: Anne Marie MacCirejn on the 22/4/2022 in Coolac Hall


“Weereewa” (Lake George) View from Kirkcudbnght Farm Taylors Creek NSW “100-acre wood” Regeneration, life, ecology, freedom, peace, tranquillity. Created by: Jennie McClelland on the 22/4/2022


“Change” Turning of the season. Loss, colour, regrowth. How strong we stand Created by: Frances Taylor-Wood on 22/4/2022 at Coolac Hall

“Trees On The Farm”

“Trees On The Farm” The feelings I had while putting paint on the canvas, was that I felt like I was walking down the hill after a big walk up the hill with lungs full of air and joy in my heart! Created by: Genevieve Wakem on the 22/5/2022 at Coolac Hall  

“Idyllic Mountain View”

“Idyllic Mountain View” An aerial view of an idyllic landscape in the mountains. This painting made me feel peaceful and calm. Created by: Kath McGuirk on 22/4/2022 at Coolac Hall

“Botanical Dreaming”

“Botanical Dreaming” Shapes, colours and textures of my surrounding environment in a good year. Created by: Joanne Diver 22/4/2022 in Coolac Hall

“Good Moring”

“Good Morning” One Tree Hill is a view from my bedroom where sometimes if I’m awake early enough, there is a beautiful colour of magenta in the sky.  Always in awe of the views from my home, so fortunate, to always have an extraordinary view that’s ever-changing… My happy place – one of! Created by:…

“Life After Destruction”

“Life After Destruction” Regeneration of the tree ferns on Clyde Mountain after destruction from the fires, amongst the dead trees were damaged trees that were starting to regenerate. Created by: Bronwyn Hunt on the 22/4/2022 at Coolac Hall

“Hazel Hill”

“Hazel Hill” My view from the back door of my home. A reminder of my life on the land that I am fortunate to live on and raise my family. I love it. Created by: Tanya Ginty on the 22/5/2022 at the Coolac Hall

“Dream Home”

“Dream Home” This painting depicts the view we have over my family farm from the house. This farm in years to come will be handed down to me. In this painting, I wanted to capture how I feel about the farm and how I want to see it in the future. I want to walk…