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Regional Landcare Facilitator

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Regional Landcare Facilitator


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About Bindi VanzellaBindi Vanzella

For more than 20 years Bindi Vanzella has actively worked in Natural Resource Management across the Murrumbidgee (including the ACT) and Lachlan River catchments on private and public land.  During this time she has delivered incentive funding projects, botanical surveys, vegetation mapping, ecological restoration plans, community facilitation, education and training, social inclusion activities, research and project partnership development.

Bindi’s current work with Greening Australia (of more than 10 years) and previous employment with Cootamundra Landcare and the NSW Dept. of Land & Water Conservation in the Western Riverina has enabled her to experience first-hand the financial and environmental challenges associated with sustainable agriculture and ecological restoration.  On her own hazelnut property in Batlow, Bindi (and her husband) have a strong focus on supporting and promoting regional produce. Their farm production works with the land, combining a love for nature and a joy for growing fresh healthy food.

Bindi is looking forward to the challenging role of Riverina Landcare Facilitator. 

Bindi strongly believes that Landcare in the Riverina needs to reinvent itself for greater uptake across the region. She foresees excellent opportunities for industry groups, research bodies, government and community groups (farming, cultural and urban) to collaborate more to achieve this. Landcare in the Riverina must include both urban and rural communities for a healthier and more vibrant region that everyone can be proud of.

Bindi's twitter account is @bidgeewidgee

Also on LinkedIn 


About Kimberley Beattie

Kimberley Beattie

Kimberley has been working with Landcarers in the Riverina since 2010, and is an active member of her local Landcare group in a volunteer capacity.

Kimberley's passion is to connect communities with the landscapes they live in,  and she is always on the look-out for new ways to get people involved in Landcaring and learning about sustainable land-use, and biodiversity. She loves working at the interface between agricultural production, land and water resource management, and native species conservation, as she feels these are all important facets of a single complex system, which are best managed in concert.

Kimberley maintains the Murrumbidgee Landcare Facebook and Twitter accounts, and  is keen to raise the voices of Landcare groups and individuals who are achieving great things on the ground. If you have a story you'd like her to share, or even just pictures that can be promoted via social media, feel free to drop her a line or text through a photo with a brief caption, and she will share them online.

In her own time Kimberley maintains a wildlife blog called Riverina Wildlife


Riverina Landcare Blog

The RLFs share weekly Landcare snapshots and stories of local Landcare activities and achievements across the Riverina region on their blog: Riverina Landcare - if you have a Landcare story you'd like to share, please contact Kimberley on the details above.



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